AppAffinity: Find apps you’ll love

The problem with visibility

Visibility is really a big issue on the mobile app industry, specially on Android. In other words: There is a lack of proper discovery mechanisms to find new apps.

As a developer you can minimize the impact of this by targeting a niche and then promote your app “outside” the app store. That works. But if you want to create something for the mass market -as a game- this issue is really important.

As a user you can rely on the featured section of Google Play, which, many times, will not be interesting for you. Alternatively you can browse all the 7 tabs of Google Play trying to find something interesting. Not very appealing, right? You can also follow some specialized blogs, which takes lots of time.

So, the lack of visibility on Android is a big issue, and that is what AppAffinity tries to address. Many people are working on solving this. Why is our solution better?

What is exactly AppAffinity?

AppAffinity is an app that recommends other apps.

Not just “any” apps. We believe Personalized Recommendations are the solution.

The apps you keep installed are the ones you really like and use, and we use them to generate a list of recommended apps. A personalized list for you.

We did not want to create yet another app store. We wanted to create a tool to help you discover new exciting apps. Think of AppAffinity as the “Recommended for you” tab you always missed on Google Play.

We believe that less is more, so AppAffinity does ONE thing: Show you a list of new apps recommended for you. And we focus on do it in a delightful and efficient way.

Excited about AppAffinity? Register for the beta on this page.

AppAffinity is a collaboration project of PlattySoft and LoopBit.