Modern MSX BASIC Game Development

MSX is a 1983’s 8-bit architecture standard for home computers. It includes a Z80 microprocessor and dedicated chips for graphics and sound.

MSX BASIC is the default language of MSX computers. It is simple, yet reasonably powerful. You can use sprites, joysticks, and even access to the graphic and sound chips directly. That makes MSX BASIC a great entry point for making games and learning all the important concepts of MSX.

Back in the 80s, then there was no Internet. The books available were few and often not very helpful. Most contained simply a list of all the BASIC instructions and some program listings without any explanation. It was unnecessarily hard.

Nowadays there are vastly more resources available, but I still missed an all in one solution with all the details on how to write good games using MSX BASIC with the tools we have available today. That is what this book aims to be.

Welcome to Modern MSX BASIC Game Development.

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You can play around with the examples of the book here