LOGIC Remastered

Download ROM LOGIC Instruction booklet

About Logic Remastered

This is a game that I originally designed in my MSX in the late 80s. LOGIC was inspired by some of my favorite games back then. The influence of Abu Simbel Profanation is particularly noticeable on the gameplay while Alien 8 was key to the concept of the main character and setting.

In summer of 2020, I recovered the source code from a cassette, and while the game was playable, it was too slow to be enjoyable.

Fortunately, I had some experience with MSX-BASIC-KUN, and I managed to rework the game logic in a way that it could be compiled, bringing it to a completely new level.

Additionally, I learned how to better use the VDP, so I reworked some aspects of the screens, but I didn’t want to lose the original look and feel, so the screens are still composed of solid blocks. There is also a completely new intro screen and sound effects

I also respected most of the original design decisions from my evil young self, but I decided to do minor adjustments on areas where the difficulty was… let’s say, it was too much in line with the games from that time.

It took part on the MSXDev contest of 2021

The Story

Booting sequence completed… Little android LOGIC finds itself in a room in an unknown location, all his communications are offline and one simple directive in its program: Get Out.
This is probably related to its request to be certified as PGD-4: planners and goal driven droids – Level 4. It was the closest thing to a promotion. Applying sounded like a good idea back then, the theory part was easy. Now looking at the practical test, not so much. It might be a test, but it looks deadly all the same.

Anyway, LOGIC has a mission, and not much of a choice, so better get moving…

Armed with just its legs, thrusters, wits and determination, it started exploring the complex.

LOGIC jumped across countless pits, went to the deeper levels of the complex, dodged many foes, avoided deadly traps, ran against convoy belts and made it back, found the hidden lock and finally got the key to the main door.

It succeeded on Its trials to become a PGD-4 through blood, sweat, and tears. If robots could have such fluids.