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About Shyre

Shyre was built in 2023 starting from a dungeon crawler example of the book Modern MSX Basic Game Development.

I have always been a fan of puzzle games such as Sokoban and Eggerland Mystery, but I also liked dungeon exploration of the likes of Zelda and NetHack / Rogue.

I tried to combine both genres in Shyre. I hope you find this puzzle exploration game fun, and manage to get M001-Y out safely.

The Story

Welcome to the Space Archeology Corps! Our mission is to explore and document each and every ancient ruin that’s found in outer space. There’s so much to learn about the sentient species that lived in the universe thousands of years ago.

Your current assignment is to investigate the planet Shyre. Remains of unspecified alien origin have been discovered, and we want a detailed report.

Travel and arrival to the planet was as smooth as it gets. Armed with your MultiPad, you teleport to the planet and commence the mission, analysing and recording all the fascinating vestiges of a previously unknown sentient species.

The work was going great, and you got so immersed in it that you didn’t notice the electric storm approaching until it was already on top of you.

You run inside the largest structure in sight, looking for shelter.

The storm has jammed your communications, and it is getting more intense. You delve into the building, hoping to find a way to boost your signal and reach your ship. The top floor looks promising.

All the exploration data needs to make it back into the Space Archeology Corps HQ, or this knowledge will disappear! Of course, you want to get out of here alive too.

And so, an unexpected adventure begins.