The Pill Tree


The Pill Tree is a gaming studio Raul Portales and Juan Soler co-founded on 2011 and it run for a year.

The Pill Tree released the following games:

Chalk Ball

A new concept of bouncing game designed for touchscreen


SpaceCat (3D)

A mix between a lunar lander with a platform game featuring cats on Flying saucers.MOGA_Screen2_SpaceCat_3D_framed

Rabbit and Eggs

A seasonal version of Chalk Ball for Easter with new mechanics

Chalk Ball Halloween

The halloween themed version of Chalk Ball.

The Pill Tree & Platty Soft

Although The Pill Tree is not in business anymore, the games are still live on Google Play.

Platty Soft is acting as a publisher, keeping the games online and is also the responsible of maintaining them.

The games are shown as from “The Pill Tree” as a recognition of the work of the rest of the team.