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MTG Tracker is an easy-to-use and complete toolbox for Magic the Gathering® players.

From life counter with stats recording to deck building with in-app search and much more. Great on a phone, awesome in tablets!


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MTG Tracker won the 3rd place as Best Reference App of 2011, and it was nominated as Most Useful App and Best Tool on 2012.


Main features:

* Game traker for Life,  poison and mana pool. Special EDH (Commander), 2HG and multiplayer modes
* Deck Manager, with stats, mana curve and hand generator. Imports Apprentice and MWS decks
* Advanced card search
* Player profiles / Decks per player
* Random Card search (great for Momir Basic)
* Card pricing (prices courtesy of TCGplayer.com and CardShark.com)
* Stats recording per player, deck and opponent deck (multiplayer stats are not recorded)
* Wishlist / Collection
* Tournament mode
* Coin/dice

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MTG Tracker does not know about the complex rules of the game Magic The Gathering®. It is just a helper tool. Card images are retrieved from WotC servers.

Magic The Gathering® (mtg) is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast.

This application is not affiliated to Wizards of the Coast or Magic The Gathering® in any way.

8 thoughts on “M:tG Tracker

    • We are dealing with a copyright issue from Wizards that had removed the app from Android Market, we are trying to get in contact with them to figure out if it is possible to publish it or not, so no links until we got an official answer from WotC, sorry.
      The paid version is still there, but I don;t know for how long, this update mainly removed all the (c) icons from the app.

      • So which version is this? and how is the pay version any different then the free one you guys had out forever? I dont mind paying to use a program, just wondering how charging for it now makes any different if Magic is trying to scream copyright

        • There has been a paid version for over a year, it is not called “pro” anymore since there is only one app in the market (maybe a bad idea because it brings confusion) the free version has been shut down, the paid one is still on (ask Wizards about their reasons)

          The paid version has (as always had)

          • Advanced search
          • Random hand generator
          • Ad free

          And since I was unable to update the free version, it also has:

          • Dark Ascension cards
          • Player profiles
  1. Hi, I am happy to report I am an absolute die hard fan of your work and heartily thank you for all the work done thus far, keep up the excellent work. As SCG and WoTC still have no official apps for android (late june ’12) I can honestly say it would be too late for them to have me switch from your app, you have absolutely fufilled my needs in nearly every possible way. That said the only two reasons I am still using any other apps are rules/banned lists, for which I am using mtg:judge, though im sure inclusion would constitute some sort of violation from wizards, if not inclusion of complete rules would be a huge addition to the apps functionality. I also keep mtg familiar for its trading functionalitly, I understand you can’t just rip their code, but that again would again largely increase functionality. Past that, the prices seem a bit undershot and don’t reflect set instance as a marker of value

  2. (Cont.) It would be nice to be able to diffentiate between foils, sets, and promos in the collection. That said, as far as true bugs go, spells don’t show up in collection info, and dont seprate correctly when selecting the complex deck setup. Thanks for your time and continuing your excellent work.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The list of banned cards is already in the app, the rules are indeed a very sensible part of copyrighted material I can not include.

      Trading is at the top of my priorities right now, I’ll try to get it ready for the release of M13

      About the prices, I am limited by the API of MTGPlayer, which does not provide us more detailed information, maybe they will improve it in the future, but I don’t know for sure.

      Thanks again for your support!

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