SpaceCat (MSX)

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About SpaceCat (MSX)

We published the original SpaceCat game for Android in 2011. Back then it pushed what a mobile phone GPU could do. We were always putting as many polygons on screen as we could without compromising gameplay.

I was already looking into creating a lander for MSX when I got the idea of a port (or more precisely, a demake) of SpaceCat, to see how far I could push the MSX.

This version tries to recreate the original as much as possible, including gameplay, levels and art style. Obviously, many things have been left out, but I hope you enjoy this demake of SpaceCat.

The game was part of MSXDev contest of 2022

The Story

In the year 3122, humankind has conquered space and has taken their favourite pets with them: Cats.

Did you know that the favourite toys of cats in space are flying saucers? Even better, chasing mice while flying around! They are the only ones that can go into the narrow spaces and capture the SpaceRats, an evolved species that keeps annoying the crew of the spaceships.
It may not be easy, but cats are provided with expert training on the SpaceCat facility. Every kitty deserves a chance to pilot a spaceship.

Do you have what it takes to drive your Spaceship along the SpaceCat training deck?
Because the world will be a better place with more cats in flying saucers.