Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

Scan barcodes to find Codemons, battle other players and level them up!

Codemon is a game for Android phones that combines the concepts of Barcode Battler, Pet collection and Pokemon.

Scan barcodes to find Codemons, Auras and Spells.

Bring your Codemons to the Codiseum, battle other players and level them up!

Use the Auras to improve your Codemons. Select a Spell to tweak the battles in your favor.

In the Codebook you have the info of the Codemons you have, and of the ones you have encountered. There are 64 Codemon races. Can you scan them all?

Use the Market to sell your captures and buy what you can’t find, some Auras and Spells are very rare.

Follow ChipiriCodemon on Twitter for Tips and Flavor or like us on Facebook to know the latest news about Codemon.

You can also check the Codemon physical goods shop for T-shirts, caps and more stuff.

This app uses the great zxing library for the barcode scanning,

All designs and icons are property of Platty Soft and all rights are reserved.

78 thoughts on “Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

  1. need much more monsters! i played the game for just one day and i have nearly all of them!

    and were is the background music?

    sush a cool idea, but verry badly worked out!!!

    • I have plans for adding more creatures in the future, but there are so many things to do.

      There never was background music or sound effects. In fact I am currently working on adding animations and sound to the battles.

      This is a one man company and there is a limit to what I can do. Thanks for your support.

      • Hey, I think you’re doing a great job. This game is so fun, and incredibly addictive. I’ve been scanning things for days straight.

        I’ve gotten one of every codemon, but it hasn’t gotten too easy or boring yet, because I know there are better versions of each out there.

        This is an excellent game, and I intend to patiently hang on to see what’s coming in the future. Keep it up!

        And thank you!

  2. My brothers and I think this is great stuff man. 30 year old nerds. Can’t wait for more to come!

  3. Any chance we can get a more in depth FAQ or help section. For example. Does a Heaven Aura do anything to a pure Heaven codemon who is already 100% heaven?

    • We want to continuously give tips and flavor via the twitter account and/or the facebook page, which is more efficient than a static help.

      For the record, putting a 10% Heaven aura to a Lorcan (100% Heaven) will turn him 110% Heaven, making him even more effective against the elements he was effective and even weaker against the elements he was weak.

      We do not want to disclose the weakness / strengths of each element because we want players to discover them on their own.

    • A Codemon can have 130% element.

      The base is 100% (one or 2 elements) + aura + spell

      Will be smart to use aura and spell strong against your opponent.

      You can have codemons for “opening” battles and codemons for “accepting” battles.

      In that case your Lorcan 100% heaven + heaven aura + heaven spell will be in “accepting” group. Because you can see your opponent codemon and use Lorcan only if he has advantage.

      You’d better add a mountain, wind, or swamp aura to your Lorcan and use him for “opening” battles to surprise your opponents.

    • Thanks for the offer. You can buy credits on the game and we are preparing an online shop with T-shirts and other stuff.
      I will think about adding a donation box, thank you!

  4. Why don’t you just allow community suggestions for new codemons? I’m sure there are a lot of people with new ideas.

  5. Me and my friends eagerly wait updates each day! Great stuff man! Can’t wait until expansion comes out with new set of monsters! Keep it up! You have a fan base!

    • The evolution of codemons is not planned in the short future, maybe later.

      They level up and get more HP, do more damage and have more attacks.

  6. I just wish I could find Ornalo! I even googled “barcode” and “upc” and scanned almost an hour straight! Ugh!

    • Somehow Ornalo is harder to find in some countries. Keep looking into the Market.

  7. Maybe before more codemons and stuff, is a good idea put a in-game switch to lantern to light up the barcode we are going to scan.
    Actually i’m doing this thanks to a third party app and is very useful.

    But the game is awesome. Yesterday I scan all the barcodes on my home haha :)

  8. U should definitly make it so u can evolve ur codemons and it would be great if the barcodes u scan are monster realated to what u scan like if u scan a box of rice crispy treats u get that type of monster and or u can take pictures of things and they would turn into monsters would play this game continuallissy if it was like this

    • Well, to scan a Codemon related to the product I need to build a related products database first. I’d love to do it, but it is a huge task.

      We have plans for having special types of battles only available for high level Codemons, it is not the same as evolving, but “in a way” are similar.

      • Id rather be able to evolve my code mone every 5 15 25 and so on then just battle higher level codemon I like seeing monsters look more and more crazy ultimate monsters

  9. And also about the donation box what u should do is every donation u get a rare codemon and the higher ur donation the rarer the codemon

    • Rare Spells and Auras are just rare. But once you find one, the barcode will always be consistent.
      If you meant Epic Codemons, they are just ultra rare and appear at random.
      You can, alternatively, use the market to buy them.

  10. I have a LG Optimus V and when I load the Codemon app the scanner doesn’t work. It is just a black screen with a red line through the middle. Is there some way for me to remedy this problem? I have Zxing’s Barcode Scanner App installed in case that helps.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Thanks for letting us know.
      That’s strange, we use the zxing library, so if that wokrs on your phone, Codemon should work as well.

      • It seems to have something to do with the camera. I can scan barcodes with ZXing’s barcode scanner, but when I load Codemon the camera turns black and I can’t see anything.

        • Hi again,

          Today we published an update that allows the use of an external program (Barcode Scanner) to do the scanning. I hope this fixes your problem

  11. I would like to know how to reset my Codemon profile in entirety (Suffering from severe case of younger-sibling-hijacking-and-destroying-profile syndrome – would like to start over in any event)… Including achievements, scores and all data on the Codemon profile card itself (Wins/Plays, Codemons, Barcodes, Scans, etc.)

    I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the game… which does reset everything besides the Wins/Plays. How do I do a FULL reset?

    …Or are the scores a function of Scoreloop? Do I need to liaison with them to reset the Wins/Plays counter and just un/re-install the game to get a fresh start?

    Thanks a mil guys and keep up the good work!


  12. I’m really loving this game,. The only thing I would suggest is you set up some kind of forum for us players so we can compare notes and interact with each other outside of battling, which would likely help you in the long run as games that form communities often flourish. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

    • Well, it is not a forum, but you can use the Facebook page of Codemon, I am quite sure you can post discussions there. If not, I’ll review it so it can be used for that as well.

  13. I was curious what the damage formula was. I thought it might help understand how each skill attributes towards hitting and damage.

    • Essentially the damage is proportional to the power of the Codemon and the level. Then it is modified by the “effectiveness”

  14. Hey Guys,
    I am 19 years old and i am in the Air Force. I love playing your game. i am a huge Pokemon fan but this takes it to a more addictive level. Its really nice actually. I suggest instead of letting us find out which Codemon is more effective to another on our own (which was fun haha). You put up somewhere which is effective against which please. Just for future people, but i am so happy you made this. It a really good time spender. Now also if there is anything i can help you with i really mean anything please let me know. I would love to help with anything.
    Christopher Murdock

    • Thanks for your comment.

      We don’t want to provide all the element strengths and weakness from the beginning. We are considering adding it to the app in a discovery mode (you unlock it when you see it) similar to the images of the Codemons in the Codebook, but we are still evaluating it.

      However, we encourage players to share their knowledge, and they have created a wiki and a reddit community to do so, and they have such a chart :-)

      Also, you can join us on facebook, where most of the discussion is taking part.


  15. Thats really awesome. I will check this all out. Also could you tell me what all is coming up and how long it will be getting here. Like updates and what they contain? Thank you and also are Pure Codemon harder to find in the Epic of sorts? Bc i already have 2 epic pures but lol i got them right after each other. There both the same codemon haha.

  16. I’ve continuously tried to scan all barcodes in my house but can’t seem to scan anything. Is it the problem with my camera or did i scan it the wrong way?

  17. A couple of suggestions:

    1) A way to remove a codemon without selling it.
    2) Display the element of the codemon in your inventory when selecting so you don’t have to play the guessing game when choosing a codemon.
    3) An option to keep a codemon when scanned because having multiple of 1 codemon is kind of annoying and nobody is going to buy a codemon with 2hp.

    • In fact most of it is already there:

      1) It is called Release, the broken chain on the left of the top bar when seeing the details of a Codemon
      2) We are thinking of a way to do it. We believe the HP and XP is more interesting and showing the elements as well was too crowded. The art of the Codemon should be clear enough to identify the elements, but we are working on a way to show the details.
      3) When you scan a Codemon, you have the option to release it straight away (same place as before)

      In fact, you may want to have more than one Codemon of the same type since their characteristics can be different / better.

  18. Is there anyway that you can allow the use of potions – particularly ‘healing potions’ – when you’re selecting a ‘mon to battle against another’s? I would often like to use one with low HP, but I have to back all the way out to the Codebook to give them a healing potion. Just a thought.

    BTW this is a stunning little game – awesome cross-over between the Barcode Battler and Pokémon, but good enough to be a game in it’s own right (without being a rip-off of the former). Well done. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the suggestion and the comment. It is in the list of improvements we want to include in the next version.

  19. I was banned today for 30 days. I dont know why i was banned please unban me my user name is Ice dragon. Thank you for your time c:

    • I checked it and there are some strange things there. Please use the feedback mail on google play to cantact me and we’ll try to figure out why did this happen so we can fix it for other players.

  20. What is going to be the next update. U should make it so the codemon can evolve or breed

  21. My codemon is not working I can get into the app but everything else like the shop or stadium when it refreshes it just keeps saying Bad request. Pls help me I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall and lose all my epics and lvl 100’s

    • Please use the “contact the developer” link on Google Play to report this issues. That account is managed more often.
      Your clients claim to have 127,000 credits, while the server accounts only 35,000. That situation is usually presented by cheaters that modify their credits and that is why you are banned.
      We’ll need help to identify how this came wrong so we can fix it for other players, so please use the “contact the developer” link on google play.

  22. you should check the pictures players put on because there has been a lot of nude pictures lately, approve them before they appear on their profile.

  23. I’m having a problem with a player named “ch1nk0″, I have asked him many time nicely if he could leave me alone, but he keeps on bugging me, I want to block him so bad! something has to be done please.,

  24. I think it would be cool if weekly at some point make a tournament for sets of 5 monsters in each category like 5 beg, 5 advanced and so on.

  25. Just wanna say the game is awesome ive been playing all day and am addicted. However i do wish there was a faq. I know u want players to learn tholings on their own but info on things like how the codemons heal automatically and general stuff wuld he really nice. I love the game though and im deginately gonna keep playing keep up the good work!

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback.
      There is lot of information in the help, probably players will like some more, I’ll keep it in mind for future updates (not the one of today, because that is completed now)

      • It would also be cool if you could create a way for players to enter multiple codemon in codeboxes at once. I try to keep my codeboxes full, but i put three in and before i can get the fourth all three have been fought and its hard to keep up. I dont use spells.or anything either when i put them in codeboxes so it would be really nice to be able to select multiple codemon at once and enter them at the same time. Just trying to help give you new ideas, dont want to complain or anything.

        • That is planned as well (many people has suggested similar ideas) There are so many things to do and little time to do them all :(

          • No rush. The games great. I was just wondering what was in todays update too because i dont see too much difference and im curious.

  26. My suggestions:
    Take good photos of barcodes and save them on a computer for re-scanning at a later time.
    Use an online upc-a code generator and save all the .jpg images one a as time in 1 file to scan quickly later.
    Some codes throw an epic in the mix after a couple of days of scanning the same code.
    Book isbn codes give better results sometimes.
    Scan a code upside down or sideways if the regular scan fails.

    • Interesting suggestions for players. What we do ourselves is to cut them out and classify them :-)

      Please join the Codemon community on Facebook, there is a lot more activity there than here.

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