2012 Year Review

2012 has been a very intense year. It has been first I have worked completely on my own, so I wanted to have a review of the most interesting parts of it. One per month.

January: Mtg Tracker wins 3rd place on Best App Ever – Reference. Few days later the free version gets suspended by Google upon a copyright infringement letter from WotC.

February: SpaceCat gets featured by Google Play, downloads go sky rocket and the server melts down during the first weekend.

March: I organize a Guru Session on Appsterdam about “Tools for developing android games” that is a great success in attendance and fun.

April: Codemon is launched on Google Play!

May: I start working part-time with Fashiolista to build their Android App.

June: Working on 3 projects: Fashiolista, Codemon and AppAffinity. Learning how to minimize context switching impact. Quite happy with the result.

July: Together with LoopBit, we launch AppAffinity, our take to solve the app visibility problem.

August: KendamApp is updated with the ability to track your progress and know how close you are to a certain grade. Then I traveled to the European Kendama Open, where I get pre-dan.

September: I participate on the V hack Android hackathon with Ronald and Ron. Winning the second prize with “Appy Birthday”

October: I speak at BubbleConf with a lightning talk about “Piracy on Apps”.

November: For the second year in a row, I speak at DroidCon.NL, this time in the main stage.

December: Codemon goes into the last big update adding facebook integration, with the idea in mind to give room for new projects next year.

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