Tools for developing Android Games: The Slides

The session of yesterday co-organized by and the Dutch Android User Group was a great success. We had over 20 people showing there, many of them told me that it was interesting and fun, and they also learned new stuff, so mission accomplished!

During the Hackaton we had quite some game ideas that were developed to a certain extent (we only had 5 hours). These projects even did a demo at the end:

  • A fast paced 2D scrolling combining tilting controls and jumping. We had a demo with the basic gameplay.
  • A Space flight simulator in 3D using the free NASA 3D models. We saw it working with touch, control it with the sensors was the next step.
  • 3D pong, it was almost working, all the scenery was there and displayed and the ball was moving.
  • 2D Real time strategy. They had the tiled map working and all the game logic implemented (but not displayed). They promised to finish it by next week.
  • 2D Billiard with fling controls. Almost completed, you had to hit the other 2 balls with yours, they you get the point.
And, as the title for the post says, here are the slides:

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