Speaking at DroidConNL

For the second year in a row I’ll be speaking at DroidConNL.

DroidConNL is the best conference for Android Developers in the Netherlands. 2 days packed with interesting topics. Past year was a blast, and I expect it to be even better this year.

I’ll be presenting an updated version of “The Road to Publishing” which I presented earlier this year at Appsterdam lunchtime lectures, among other few places, including one in Spanish for AgyleCyL (online, of course).

You can check out the slides, but I encourage you NOT to do it, since they are mainly images that will help you recall the concepts, so they are interesting after the talk, but not before, anyway, they are already online here.

Hope to see you there!

Talk summary (as on DroidCon website)

The process of building an App is slightly different from just Software Engineering, it is Product Engineering. In this talk Raul presents several topics about Product Engineering that are relevant to anyone that is making or planning to make apps.

The points presented in his talk are the result of his work in many apps and games in a variety of teams and situations, from Solo Developer to Team Leader. From how and why make prototypes to what it means to be agile, the talk covers many points of the life of an app before it gets published (and a few from after it is).

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