AppAffinity goes out of Beta!

It has been a while since we released AppAffinity. It has been out in the wild for a few months and without any effort on advertising from our side it has grown over 1,000 users. Quite a success.

For the past week, I got LoopBit involved again on a new iteration, tweaking the UI using the suggestions we received and solving the bugs user reported. Now we believe AppAffinity is ready to go and we have removed the beta tag.

Now it is called just AppAffinity.

What’s new?

People asked to see the details of ratings of every app. Many were upset that apps without the banner had more information. We did not want to add clutter to the banner because the designers put a lot of effort on them looking nice, so we added a detail view you can get swiping to the left

We also added a few animations, which you will notice as soon as you open AppAffinity.

The ability to filter the installed and blocked apps was also requested, and it we included it as well.

And I won’t bother you with the other performance improvements and minor bug fixing.

Sincerely, the AppAffinity team.

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