Codemon 3.1: Dark Codeboxes and more

It has been a while since the Arcanes were released. Today we have an update that includes a brand new item: The Dark Codeboxes.

Dark Codeboxes

Many players were not motivated to open battles. You open them not knowing your opponent and once an player knows the strengths and weaknesses, they can always accept it with a Codemon that has a high chance of winning. And losing most of the battles is demotivating.

But opening battles is key to the game, se we wanted to motivate this players again. The Dark Codeboxes are the first step towards that.

A Dark Codebox hides the Codemon, that simple. This levels the field since you open it blindly, but they are also accepting it blindly. Dark Codeboxes can only be used with Codemons of level 6 or more, which is where efficiency starts to be very relevant.

A Dark Codebox is obtained by applying Dark tinture to a Codebox. You do not get an extra Codebox, but you “Darken” one.


Darken the first Dark Codebox is free for all the players once they raise a Codemon to level 6.

We will continue to encourage players to open battles in other ways in the future.

Second currency: Codebucks

Dark Codebokes are a premium item, and for that we included a second currency: Codebucks.

You can get Codebucks by linking Codemon on Facebook, as a daily reward and completing free offers. Achievements and (some) Quests will -in the future- give Codebucks.

Of course you can get them as an In-App purchase.

The slots on the market and the extra Codeboxes have changed the price and now cost Codebucks instead of Credits.

When summoning an Arcane you just spend Codebucks or Credits to get an A-Summon or a B-Summon performed on the spot. Prices are the same, just made it simpler.

Event ticker

We do run events every now and then, and when we do so, we send an in-game message to all the players that have been active, and we also publish it on Facebook.

Still, I know that many players miss them. So, from this version on, whenever an Event is running you’ll see a ticker under Quests, where you can see the details of the Event.


Improved Codemon filtering for battles

Until now, every time you went to open a battle, the search terms were cleared and all your Codemons were shown. That was a bit unconvenient when you were trying to open a few battles with the same type of Codemon, for example, Epics.

From now on, Codemon will remember your last search for as long as you are opening battles.

Transfer account

Because Codemon associates the account to the phone, we have many requests of people that want to migrate their account to their new phone.

We have added the option under settings, so you can transfer everything to another account.

Final words

This update has taken a lot longer than I expected to be ready, but I hope all of you enjoy it. There are still many ideas on how to extend Codemon, and I hope I’ll have the time to implement them.

Until then, happy scanning and battling!

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2 thoughts on “Codemon 3.1: Dark Codeboxes and more

  1. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for running this game. I have only been playing it for 2 days now but I am surly addicted. Keep it up man.


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